What Are The AFRICON Events & What To Expect

What is the AFRICON?
What is the AFROBALL?
What are the Covid Protocols in place at AFRICON In-Person Events?


Where can I find the full AFRICON Event Schedule?
When is AFRICON Conference 2022?
Where will AFRICON Conference take place?
When will the full schedule and speakers be released?
Where can I find a campus map or Expo Hall floor plans?
Will there be any events before or after the conference?
Will we have ASL Translators at the conference?
Is the conference ADA accessible?
What are the AFRICON social handles?
What is the official conference hashtag?
Is there a conference app?
Do I have to be 18+ to attend AFRICON Conference?
I don’t plan to attend each day of AFRICON Festival. Can I purchase a ticket for a specific day?

General AFRICON Event Ticketing & Discounts

What is NOT included in the ticket?
Is there any cross-attendance allowed between events?
Are there any military or non-profit discounts available?
Is there a group discount?
If I am unsuccessful in applying a promo code during my purchase, can I be refunded the difference later?

Getting to AFRICON

Is there an official hotel?
How can I access the shuttle
Where should I tell the Uber/Lyft to drop me off?
What is parking like at the venue?
What are Bus Routes/Subway Access

Getting to AFROBALL

When is AfroBall Gala 2022?
Where will AfroBall take place?
How can I access the shuttle

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