Sponsorship Letter


Dear [Manager],

I am writing to request sponsorship to attend AFRICON, a multi-day cultural conference taking place May 25-28th, 2023. AFRICON is the conference that brings together pop culture, music, food, innovation, activism, education & more from the global Black Diaspora. AFRICON, which coincides with Africa Day, aims to celebrate the diversity of the African Continent and the Diaspora through the lens of entertainment, media, technology and leadership.

AFRICON is produced by Amplify Africa. AFRICON was first launched in 2021 as a virtual event with over 3,000+ viewers tuning into the event. It featured 20+ speakers, 18 honorees, and a post viewership of over 200,000. In 2022, it had over 25 panels and 100 speakers including Jidenna, Rodney Williams, Elon Johnson, Olamide Olowe and Rema Morgan-Aluko.   This year, AFRICON is anticipating 3000 attendees and taking place in Los Angeles, California. 

AFRICON will include keynote speakers and panels, fireside chats, workshops, a pitch competition, a small business marketplace, and so much more. AFRICON will also include activities such as an Africa Day Celebration, the Afro Ball Charity event and the Afro Music festival. After attending this event, I will learn new and exciting skills and strategies to contribute to our team for success. Furthermore, I will be able to expand my professional network and bring new possible collaborative opportunities to our team.  

AFRICON is connecting some of the most dynamic talent in the Black African Diaspora across various industries to share their knowledge and experience. Some of these speakers include: Shegun Otulana, Former CEO of Theranest who sold his company for over $1 Billion Dollars, George Azih, CEO of LeaseQuery, AFRICON includes a two-conference with curated panels on tech, entertainment, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and culture. I plan on attending several panels, including: [list talks].

Many of the conversations at AFRICON align with our 2023 company goals as well as areas for company growth. For example, [list a specific talk that links to a goal]. 

The Early Bird registration price for the General Admission ticket is $149 and includes access to AFRICON exhibitions, panels, presentations, networking sessions, marketplace and Afro Music festival.  

Attending AFRICON would be an invaluable investment to help me acquire new skills, professionally network with diverse and talented attendees and brainstorm new ideas to apply to my team. After attending this event, I will learn new and exciting skills and strategies to contribute to our team for success. I can provide a report of findings and recommended next steps for our team in order to fully demonstrate the value of my attendance at AFRICON. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to your response.